Great camera! Canon PowerShot Digital Camera .

Great camera! Canon PowerShot Digital Camera .

I’m a professional photographer and I am extremely impressed with the picture quality. I also love all the manual controls and the ease-of-use. I shoot weddings on a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 6D. In a pinch I could easily use this camera if I needed to.
The picture I have attached is a 15 second exposure with my kids running around with solar lights. This shot is un-edited and was shot in raw. The only thing I did with the picture was transfer it via Wi-Fi to my cell phone using the Canon picture app.


In the Mid of 2019, I started my youtube channel called what the dude, as I wanted my production to be better I started up researching, and ended up getting confused at the end !! , YOU CANNOT MAKE JUDGMENTS ON CAMERA TILL YOU USE IT!
after lot of shortlisting, i ended up with G7Xm2! Amazon delivered it the very next day! this was the fastest delivery ever! and I got it at 4000 discount. The seller is TOTALLY GENUINE
the packaging was perfect & the product was totally safe!
now on the product
pros:- pocket friendly
fast opening and adjustment
shoots up to 50fps and lowers on 25fps
inbuilt filter
can shoot up to 8 modes
this can be charged with a USB wire and power bank as well!
image size 4mb
zoom is excellent

cons:- no sound input, that means you need to get a wind muff, and separate sound input, you can check out my review video for that, all products are available on amazon
the battery gets drained in 2.5hr of non-stop shooting
you need to buy an extra battery
autofocus takes some time, but selfie focus and shooting needs improvement,

tips this is the best camera for people on the go, people who wants to vlog, instant pictures !!
if you like please follow me on amazon for honest reviews and more!

PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Multi-angle 3.0” Touch Panel LCD

Wireless Sharing

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