2020 Brand New Home Theater DVD Projector Best Prix


Advanced projectors are types of gear of current innovation. These are utilized to change over picture information legitimately from the PC onto a screen through focal point framework. Computerized projectors give representation of information that is really put away in a PC for introduction. These projectors empower the watchers to watch moving pictures from a DVD, advanced flexible plate player. Promoters or venders likewise utilize these projectors to give exhibition of items to countless clients. It can without much of a stretch believer composed archives onto an intelligent whiteboard.

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Helpful Hints:

1.BIGASUO Bluetooth projector is mainly used for home theater and video games, not recommended for PPT, Word, Excel or business presentations.

2. Dolby sound is not supported. If you do not hear sound when playing a video such as Netflix, disable Dolby Sound (Settings> Display and Sound> Audio> Dolby Digital Out>, and then turn on Dolby Digital Plus).

3. Best results Scan when the projector is in a relatively dark environment.

4. For all home projectors, the edges of the image are not as clear as the center.

5. The USB port only supports USB flash drives, no cable connections and data transfer.

6. The projector’s light goes out suddenly during operation and lights again.

7. Do not block the ventilation slots to prevent damage to the machine due to excessive temperatures.

8. The Bluetooth function is only connected to the Bluetooth audio device and the Bluetooth audio device has a buffer time of about 2 seconds.

9. The projector is suitable for ceiling and tripod mounting. For this purpose it has a standardized M6 thread.

10. USB 2.0 interface can only read and play media data on U disk.

11. Please insert the CD into the projector before turning it on. It is read automatically after booting.

12.Do not stand the projector upright as this may damage the DVD and the projector.


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