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I have a 12 month old, and 4 and 5 year olds. We had an older Burley that was a hand me down for the two older kids. But that one was at least 15 years old, and had sat out in weather most of its life, and has been used a TON, so the fabric was getting pretty gross and worn. It was still perfectly functional, but I didn’t need a double anymore, just a trailer to pull the 4 year old, and the baby (when he’s no longer in the baby seat on the back of the bike).
I didn’t need anything too fancy, we just ride on paved roads and paths, but wanted something that would hold up and be comfortable.

The Minnow fit the bill. We knew the Burley brand was quality, considering the age of our older one, and this one had everything we needed and nothing we didn’t need.

It is nice and tall, so my above average 4 year old fits well with room above her head, and she says it’s extra cozy. She’s pretty bummed on extra rainy days when we don’t get to bike her to preschool, but have to drive instead, because she loves riding in this trailer so much.

I love how easily this one folds down and the wheels go off and on (so we can easily store it inside a coat closet). The first time opening it up was crazy hard, but that was expected. It’s been easier once I got it that first time. It’s a smooth enough ride on the paved roads (the 12 month old has fallen asleep in it), it pulls smoothly, and I feel like both my 12 month old and 4 year old are equally safe in there… But not at the same time, individually of course – this is a single-kid trailer 😁

If you need a bike trailer for riding paved roads and paths, without all the fancy extras (like suspension for off-roading, turning into a stroller, cross country skis/sleigh thing, or any of the other fancy stuff the more expensive models have), this is the Burley for you.

It’s straight forward, it has what you need for use with a bicycle, and is at a lower price point than one with all bells and whistles. But it’s quality is far superior to the cheaper brands.

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