Do you know who else suggested good hygiene and quarantining during a pandemic? over 1,400 years ago


The countries that spread the deadly Corona virus imposed quarantine on the places where the virus spread, as it is one of the most important means imposed by modern countries to limit the spread of epidemic diseases .. But what were the first Muslims to do in such health conditions?

Our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, had established the principles of quarantine a thousand four hundred years and more ago, when he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “If you have heard of it on land, do not go ahead of it, and if it falls on land while you are on it, do not get out of it.” He also said: “The mouse From plague Kalvar from crawling, and saber in it like a saber in crawling, “according to (Masrawy).

In these noble hadiths, an elaborate medical plan developed by the illiterate prophet at a time when there was no one known as a “quarantine” or others, obliging the Muslim who is present in a country where the plague was rampant not to come out of it even if it is healthy because it may have carried the disease, and whoever is outside The country should not enter it.


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How do we actually protect ourselves from infection with the Corona virus,


especially since we are installing public transportation on our way to and from work? And we mix with so many people?

The best way to protect ourselves from the Corona virus is to wash hands with soap and water regularly.

Professor Karen Fleming, a professor of biophysics at Johns Hopkins University, says that the corona virus has an outer sebaceous layer.

Hand-washing with soap and water has the ability to dissolve this sebaceous layer and eliminate the virus.

If you were in places where there is no soap and water, keep a hand sanitizer with you that you buy from any pharmacy, and stay away from touching your face, especially the mouth and nose, for the duration of your stay outside the home.

Avoid touching any surface filled with germs, such as subway handles and chairs, on public transport.

Try as hard as you can not touch these surfaces because they are foci of infection, and if you touch them, wash your hands as soon as possible with soap and water.

If you see anyone sneezing or coughing and seems sick, stay away from it for at least two meters because the drops travel that distance.

In the end, God bless us all, and this crisis is going well

It is our duty to share this shocking information, especially as it is spreading to global websites and newspapers such as Forbes and Bloomberg

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