How to make electronic games useful for children

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When we hear the word electronic games, our mind immediately turns to the many problems caused by these games, and I do not rumor secretly when I am certain that our homes now are not free from those electronic games that are loaded on smart devices that we can no longer dispense with, old and young, but are electronic games harmful in some extent? Is the time spent by our children working on it considered wasted time? Why do we strive to keep our children away from it even though we do not succeed most of the time? Do these games have benefits? Or can we make them useful?


1. Why do our children work on electronic games all the time?

We, as fathers and mothers, are often surprised and wonder why our kids have been sitting on these electronic games for so long and not doing any other activities? What increases our surprise is that these games are modern, since we were a few years ago young like them and we were inclined to movement and physical games and we did not know such games or these smart devices except when we grew up, and the answer is clear these devices and these games have become a feature of the era and the ignorant has become unaware There is something in it, and we unfortunately contribute to increasing our children’s attachment to these devices and games when we leave them with them all the time and we do not try to provide them with alternatives or other activities, and also when they imitate us, we unfortunately can no longer dispense with these devices and our children see us in this situation it is natural that they imitate us or at least They tried.

2. What are the damages of those games?

I think the damage to these games is well known and known to many of us, and it is not limited to:

Poor vision and difficulty seeing due to the long look at screens.

Speech delay in children who are younger.

Violent and destructive behavior due to the tradition of some games.

Increased mobility in motor children because they store more energy when they sit on these games for long periods.

Depriving the child of natural growth in all aspects, because his childhood is lost to these games only.

He lost the child’s social skills because he does not deal with different humans and different situations.

Young children’s bodies gain more negative energy and charges due to the frequent touch and carrying of these devices.

Obesity and bodily harm to children due to the large number of sitting on these games and immobility, and other damage caused by these games to our children.

3. How do these games become useful?

We can make the time of our children in front of those games useful and fruitful, and that requires us some effort in determining the games they will play as well as setting the time where Dr. Yasser, that the children should not sit for two hours in front of these games every day. If the parents were able to codify the question of electronic games, they will be useful for children.

As for the benefits of these games, it teaches our children many useful things such as solving problems, for example, self-reliance and the creation of ideas. There are also very useful educational games for teaching arts, sciences, arithmetic, etc., and they are for all ages, and among its benefits are also considered as a reward for the child if he did something good that he could win Some time and play these games

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