The Best Puzzle Books Sudoku Games

The Best Puzzle Books Sudoku Games

Sudoku is a game which involves placing of numbers. Invented and widely popularized in Japan, Sudoku was launched later on the net and instantly became the most popular game in the world. Sudoku is conceptually based on a puzzle game which happens to be the crossword.

The only thing that distinguishes the two being Sudoku making use of numbers from one to nine instead of letters. You have to place these numbers correctly in their columns and squares which are there in nine 3 by 3 blocks. These numbers should appear in their correct order and that is the real challenge. If you love brain teasers, Sudoku is the puzzle game for you.

Improve Your Memory With Puzzle Brain Games

The sudoku puzzle is a powerful and simple exercise for your brain. This has been known for decades. sudoku puzzles exercise the brain in many ways. First of all, you’re asked cryptic questions in which you have to provide the answers for. Second, as you progress through the crossword puzzle you’ll be maxing out your short-term memory capacity when you keep 4 to 5 questions that you have yet to answer in your short-term memory. Every sudoku puzzle question that you pass on is that remained in your mind and you can continue thinking about it as you do the next question. That is some pretty serious exercise for your brain. Go pick up a book of sudoku puzzles. Be sure to purchase one with varying levels of difficulty.

    1. Inhuman Sudoku Puzzles



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