Up to 50% off smartwatches from NEW Fossil Men’s 2021

Up to 50% off smartwatches from NEW Fossil Men’s 2021

Fossil Gen 5E
Fossil Gen 5E, Gen 5
Multi-Day Battery Modes*

Improve battery life by selecting 1 of the 4 battery modes

  • Daily Mode- Use most features daily, and charge nightly.    Visit the Fossil Store
  • Extended Mode- Use only essential features daily, and charge every few days.
  • Time Only Mode- Turn your smartwatch into a simple clock that lasts over a week.
  • Custom Mode- Customize your system settings, and pick the features that are important to you.


*Multi-day battery modes are dependent on usage.

Stay Productive

Answer calls on your wrist, get instant notifications and do it all for longer with multi-day battery modes.

With the built-in speaker, listen to your fave tunes, get audible alerts and hear answers from Google Assistant.

Fossil Gen 5E, Gen 5
Fossil Gen 5E, Gen 5

Track Your Heart Rate

Gen 5E features an improved heart rate sensor that’s battery efficient, so you can check your heart rate anytime you’re on the move.

Google Fit will automatically detect walking, running and biking using your phone or watch sensor. You can also choose to start a workout from a wide range of activities.

Sized-down style options for a more custom fit

Gen 5E comes in the standard 44MM case and we are introducing a 42MM case for a more female custom fit.

Fossil gen 5e, gen5, smart watch

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